Exodus: The Gospel of the Old Testament!

Hey Covenant! January is almost over and we are now well into the story of Israel's exodus from slavery in Egypt. The story that unfolds of God's rescue of his people is amazing. Here are a couple of videos to help capture your imagination. Keep it up, Covenant. One month down, only eleven to go! 

Video Introductions Genesis and Psalms

Hey Covenant,

We're underway and on day three of our journey through the bible this year. I'm praying God would encourage you and excite you at the reality of the scriptures. 

Every time we start a new book of the bible, we'll be posting some videos to help introduce you to the themes and structure of each book of the bible. 

Here are a couple to get us started this year. Take some time and watch these. You won't regret it. 

Enjoy, and drink up.