Journeying Through Exodus


This past Sunday, on the heels of a long and fruitful sermon series on God's vision for our church, we began a journey as a church through the beautiful, tragic, and hope-filled book of Exodus.

Since Covenant began, we've preached through Colossians, Psalms (some of them), Matthew, Jonah, and Philippians. We do this because we need God's word. If we are really a family of missionary servants that is committed to planting and growing authentic Gospel communities, then we NEED to hear from God. We need to know his story. We need to know who he is and what he has done. This is why we regularly preach through books of the bible. 

Before we begin our journey through Exodus, the story needs to be set up. To get us all ready, we will be doing an overview of the book of Genesis to give a solid foundation for the story of the exodus of God's people from slavery in Egypt. We'll cover Genesis over the next 4 weeks.

Exodus stands as the foundational story for the people of Israel in the Old Testament. It is the story that turned a family of seventy into a nation. It is a story of great suffering and pain, and a God who hears the cries of a people. It is a story of a God who rescues, who remembers, who is near to the broken. It is a story of this God's great patience and mercy with a forgetful and rebellious people. It is the gospel of the Old Testament. We will see as we journey through Exodus that Christ is all over the story. We will see that the story of Exodus is our story. That God, in Christ has led us out of slavery to become his people. He has broken our chains, and purchased our freedom. 

Here's where you come in. Get ready! Read Exodus (more than once.) Pray for us pastors as we prepare to equip the church for works of ministry through God's word. Pray for understanding. Pray that God would use his word to remind us who we are, and what he's called us to do. Pray that this series of sermons would help to sharpen you as a disciple of Jesus who is called to make disciples of Jesus. If you know anyone who's hurting, anyone who feels enslaved, begin praying that God would use this series to be a blessing to them. This book is for all of us. The world needs to hear it. Take what you will read on your own, and what you will learn in our Sunday gatherings. Take it like you take food. We are beggars showing other beggars where to find bread.