You wouldn't always know it, but Christians are actually normal people.

They eat, sleep, work, and rest. The difference is not whether they do these things, but how they do them. When we embrace our identity as a family of missionary servants, our lives are radically changed. But they're changed more in the how of life than the what.


By the gospel, we are changed and are changing. Everyone has a story. God is rewriting our personal stories in dramatic and beautiful ways to line up with his story of redemption in Christ. As a result, the gospel story re-forms how we do what we do as we live out our identity as a family of missionary servants. At Covenant, we continue to live in the ordinary rhythm of life in Pearland, but we do so with gospel intentionality. Its expressed in six rhythms.


Everyone listens. As family, we want to listen to God through His Word and prayer. We want to listen to each other for encouragement and challenge. As missionaries, we want to listen to people's stories and struggles. We want to listen for how God's story connects with theirs. As servants, we want to listen for opportunities to show mercy and love.


Everyone speaks. As family, we want to respond to what we hear with the promises of God in the gospel. As missionaries, we remember that no one will know Jesus unless they hear the gospel, and no one will hear the gospel unless we speak the gospel. As servants, we don't speak in judgment or without love. We speak to be heard and for the gospel to be received.


Everyone works. Work is a struggle now, but God created work to be satisfying and joyful. As family, we work for the sake of others. The fruit of our labor is shared with everyone we love. As missionaries, we join others in their work with the hope that they would join us in our spiritual work. As servants, we work when others cannot work.


Everyone eats. There's something beautiful and human about sitting down to eat. As family, we want to eat together with thankfulness and joy. As missionaries, we want to eat with those outside the church and invite them into the day-to-day life with Christ. As servants, we not only eat ourselves but look to feed others.

Rest and Recreate

Everyone rests and plays. God created us to rest as well as to work. As family, we rest together and for the sake of each other. As missionaries, we value resting alongside others and look to contribute value to others' resting. As servants, we remember our rest is fleeting while people remain lost and without Christ.

Bless and Celebrate

Everyone blesses and celebrates. Blessing and celebrating another is intentionally aiming your love at someone through your words, deeds, and actions. As family, we want to bless one another and value what God is doing in our lives. As missionaries, we want to bless others and join in celebrating all that's good. As servants, we bless others at a cost to ourselves and celebrate others accomplishments above our own.