Exodus 14: Crossing the Red Sea

In Exodus 14, Israel is trapped between a raging sea and a raging army. Israel is terrified. But Moses tells them, "The LORD will fight for you, and you have only to be silent." 

Daniel leads us through this remarkable story, and connects it to the victory of Christ over sin that is ours, if only we believe.  The Victory of God is always unexpected, decisive, and glorious.

The Promise is For You, For the World, and For God

After humanity fell into sin, the world was heading in the wrong direction. But in Genesis 12, God makes a big promise to an old pagan man named Abraham in a Middle Eastern city, and devotes the rest of human history to fulfilling that big promise.

But how would God accomplish his promise? Listen as Dave unpacks the covenant promise with Abraham from Genesis 15, 17, and 22.