Covenant Community Church wants every man, woman, and child in Pearland and beyond, both believer and unbeliever, to have the regular opportunity to hear, understand, and respond to the gospel.

The gospel changes everything.
At Covenant, we embrace three new identities as we follow Christ -- we are a family of missionary-servants. These identities are fundamental to who we are, and shape everything we do.

We are Family

When God saves us, he forgives us so he can adopt us into his family. Because Christ paid for our sins, he ceases to be our Judge but chooses to be our Father. Not only do we gain him as Father, Christ as Savior, and the Spirit as Helper. We also gain many, many brothers and sisters. The church is a family. This shapes how we live.

Suddenly, my life is not my own but is lived in relationship to my family. I love and am loved. Like any family, we spend time together, we support one another, we celebrate and mourn together. We encourage and challenge each other. This is what it means to be family.

We are Missionaries

When God saves us, he calls us to join him in his work to redeem the world. We become the light of the world, the salt of the earth, a nation of priests. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Master, and he has charged us with a single task -- go and make disciples. We are missionaries. This, too, shapes how we live. 

My life is not my own but is lived as an ambassador to my king. The church is not about building big buildings or advancing agendas. It is for making disciples. All that God has given me -- time, talent, resources, relationships -- are to be leveraged for the growth of God's kingdom and his church. This is what it means to be missionaries.

We are Servants

How do we live as family and missionaries? When God calls us to our new identities, he calls us to follow Jesus. "As God sent me, so I send you." God sent Jesus to save us through serving us. Jesus said, "I come not to be served, but to serve and give my life a ransom for many." Jesus loved us by giving his life for us. Like him, we are servants. This shapes how we live.

My life is not my own but is given for others sacrificially. We stay up late and wake up early, we endure hardship, we give up our rights for one another. The mission of God advances when we pursue others, even at great cost to ourselves. This is what it means to be servants.

Yet, in all this, we are not perfect.

When God saves us, we do not become perfect family-missionary-servants. There is still much to learn. All Christians have a lifetime of growth ahead of them. If we hope to be faithful to God's calling, we must be disciples. We follow Christ, pursuing change through God's Word and his people in the power of the Holy Spirit. Because of the freedom of grace, we can run hard the race of faith, knowing God will pick us up when we fall and rejoice with us at every milestone.


For a copy of our Statement of Faith and Constitution and By-laws, click here.