For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen. -Romans 11:36 ESV

Who is God?

God created all things and by Him all things exist, including you and me. Through his creation, we see that he is great, glorious, good and gracious. Through our sin, we see that we are none of those things. In fact, all people everywhere have sinned against God and need to be rescued.

We live our lives attempting to rescue ourselves. We try to be great and glorious, impressing others with our health and wealth. But our wealth depreciates and our health wanes. We try to be good and gracious, impressing others with our kindness and generosity. But we'd be embarrassed if people saw the flashes of greed and anger that mark our days. Clearly, we cannot save ourselves.

What has He done?

God responded to our great need by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to become a man. Jesus came and lived perfectly, as we should have lived. Read the Bible, and you'll see He was great, glorious, good and gracious. Then he did the unthinkable -- he willingly died in our place, taking the punishment we deserved. He was buried in the grave we dug for ourselves.

But then, he rose from the grave, defeating death. Everyone who follows him by faith follows him out of the grave. God has given us new life in Christ by His Holy Spirit. Everything has changed. In Christ, God has changed who we are.